Old Country Clean Is Green, How About You?

Do your cleaning products contain harsh or toxic chemicals? Are you wanting to switch to all-natural
cleaners but are uncertain about strength and efficiency? We have the answer for your
environmental dilemma.

Now is the perfect time to switch to Old Country Clean cleaning products! They work as well as (or
even better) than the chemically laden big brand names and they also protect your family and pet’s
health. Chemicals from toxic cleaners can contribute to allergies, asthma, headaches or other
illnesses that end up affecting your family’s health and well being.

Susan Kennedy, who is the Director for Health and Environmental Research at UBC, advises
consumers to check labels of household products and avoid those with amine- based ingredients,
such as ammonium chloride. She notes that many people are allergic (or develop allergies) to
chemicals that get added to cleaning products to make them smell nice.

When I first started making cleaners, I was determined to find a better way to clean our clients’
homes. Having grandkids and great grandkids ourselves, I wanted to keep them healthy and
minimize their exposure to harmful substances. Through that focus and passion, I found a simpler
way to clean that was still effective but now also harmless, through my cleaners.

Old Country Clean cleaners are both non-toxic and all-natural. Families with small children and
seniors will benefit greatly, especially if they suffer from breathing problems and/or asthma. Over a
short period of time you will save money on household cleaners and medical bills.
We look forward to helping you keep your home organized and clean and your family and pets


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Made in Powell River, BC Canada

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4 L $30.00 + tax

1L $10.00 + tax

Deluxe Package $75 + tax (New Year Price is $65.00)

Biodegradable * Hypoallergenic * Non -Toxic

INGREDIENTS: Washing Soda + Borax; Castile Liquid Soap; Lemon Peel Extract; Distilled Water + Natural Lime Color

DIRECTIONS: Fill the spray bottle with Old Country Clean to clean your kitchen counters, sinks, toilets, walls, floors, tiles, tubs, toys, barbeques and cribs. Safe for your family and pets.

Powerfully removes the following carpet stains: Red wine, lipstick, ketchup, mustard, coffee, tea & pet urine. Reputable carpet & upholstery cleaner. Cuts grease, disinfects & kills bacteria

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children! If swallowed seek medical attention.

OCC - All Purpose Cleaners

Free Delivery for purchases $50 and more (pre-tax) in Powell River or you may pick up your products by arrangement at the Powell River Farmer’s Market during the summer (contact Ranka at info@solutionsorganizing.com or call (604) 578-8954 at least 48 hours ahead)


Biodegradable * Hypoallergenic * Non-Toxic

INGREDIENTS: Baking Soda + Borax + Washing Soda+ Castile Liquid Soap; Natural Enzymatic; Lemon Peel Extract

OLD COUNTRY CLEAN SCRUBBING PASTE is a natural, mild abrasive paste that is of equal strength to a famous eraser, yet safe to use on your sinks, bathtubs, laminate countertops, your child’s masterpiece on the walls, cribs, high chair and toys.  For best results use in tandem with Old Country Clean’s All-Natural All-Purpose Spray Cleaner.

Safe for your family and pets. 226g $20.00 + tax    


Biodegradable * Hypoallergenic * Non-Toxic

INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water + Denatured Alcohol; Tinosan + Polysorbate; Lemon Essential Oil

Use it safely on pet bedding, toys, sport equipment, inside shoes, garbage cans, kitchens, closets, bathrooms, or whatever you may require a deodorizing spray. Tinosan works by killing bacteria that causes bad odors, while essential oils leave a fresh clean scent. 120 ml $15.00 + tax

Free Delivery for purchases $50 and more (pre-tax) in Powell River or you may pick up your products by arrangement at the Powell River Farmer’s Market on Saturdays 10:30am-12:30pm during the summer only!

Contact Ranka at least 48 hours ahead at 604 578 8954 or email her at info@oldcountryclean.com 

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Product Reviews

Gypsea Logan

I’d like to give a shout-out to Ranka Burzan. I purchased a 4 litre bottle of her ‘Old Country Clean’ all-purpose cleaner, because I needed an all-natural product, free of phosphates, chemical-free and biodegradable. As a boat owner, it was very important that I use very eco-friendly cleaning products, as I don’t want to put anything harmful into our pristine lake.

I am blown away! This product has safely cleaned much more than just surface dirt…it has taken stains out of a few cushions and even rust, off of my garbage can! And, it smells great Thanks, Ranka, I will definitely be buying more products from you!

Gypsea Logan,

Powell River, BC

Robin Braidwood, Library Technician Fraser Valley Regional Library
Hi Ranka! “Recently a guest spilt an entire glass of red wine on my medium grey carpet. Your fantastic all-purpose cleaner came to the rescue once again! The stain is completely gone. Your products are fabulous.”
Felicia Lee, Ghost CEO Advisor www.GhostCeo.com
“My young baby puts everything in her mouth, so needless to say when Ranka showed me her cleaning solution, I was sold! We use it to clean all our surfaces and children’s toys and I love the clean, fresh scent it leaves and appreciate knowing my children are safe from toxic ingredients.”
Monique Mallette, Area Coordinator, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
Ranka “I’ve wanted you to know how great your products work – and you can quote me on that! You would never guess what I cleaned this spring? My entire gas BBQ! Let me put it to you this way, I should have cleaned my BBQ last year – yes last year! Well, you can only imagine how dirty it was when I opened it up for use this year. It was not only dirty it was extremely moldy with old stuck on food – possibly poisonous. OMG I’m a wee bit embarrassed telling anyone this. But your SOS products brought my BBQ back to a nice, clean, shiny, not to mention – usable state again! Thank you so very much – I’m so glad I was introduced to these highly effective & environmentally safe SOS products. Monique Mallette, Area Coordinator, Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver 604.730.3049
Edith Katronis www.katronisrealestate.com
Rankas cleaning products are wonderful and all natural and safe to use. Hope you sell lots. The Dragon’s should know about you!!!
Jackie Maclean
Ranka Just finished mopping kitchen floors with Ranka Burzan ‘s cleaning products.. Sooooooooo awesome! Thank you Ranka for all you do.”
Yvonne Dion
Ranka, “I gave my sister who has allergies to smells some of your cleaners and she had no side effects, she loves them. I also use your cleaners and love how I don’t have the clutter of different cleaners under my sink. They work great and are a good value for my money. My sister and I will keep using your cleaners.”